Gospel Singer Archduchess of Divinity is Seeking to Change the World with “No More”


True talent can’t be purchased or manufactured because it comes from above. Pasadena, California based Gospel songstress The Archduchess Of Divinity is using her God given talents as an extension of her ministry to bring the masses to the glory of the Most High. Without a clear purpose life is motion without meaning and activity without direction. Archduchess Of Divinity lives life with intention, conviction and purpose. She taps into her inner strength, acknowledges her spiritual power, and lives her life like it’s golden.

In these very turbulent times, the battle for the soul of America has begun and Archduchess of Divinity has been called to stand on the front line to bring forth powerful song lyrics that are inspired by the word of God. She describes her unique genre of music as “Hip Gospel.” She received praise and kudos for her single “Greatest Name in History” from her “Loving Hands” EP. Equally important, she co-founded Eddie’s Angel Records with her husband/manager Walter R. Frank Sr. The Gospel songstress released another hit single called “Cry Out” featuring William F. Jordan Jr. In late 2021 her record company inked a distribution and marketing deal with Zarephath Enterprises/Ingrooves/Universal Music Group. 

Music is more than theory and melody. It’s the power to make and change lives. In light of the recent mass shootings, loss of lives, and abuse, Archduchess of Divinity has decided to embark on a campaign called “The No More movement” to coincide with the release of her single entitled “No More.” The movement represents pushing the thesis of “No more gun violence, no more pain, no more abuse, etc.” Archduchess of Divinity utilizes music as a therapeutic and spiritual intervention to empower the youth and their families to heal from trauma and become triumphant over victimization.

The Archduchess of Divinity realizes the importance of being a strong and positive role model. She truly believes in the “God within” and wants everyone to know just how wonderful life is once the power of God is realized and seized. “It’s my goal to help and encourage people to make their dreams happen too,” states the songbird. She has a natural knack for melody that separates her from most of her peers. With uncensored emotion, and honest lyricism, Archduchess of Divinity’s music tells the story of a unique path. From tragedies and heartbreak to glory and triumph, she takes you on an inspiring journey.

“No More” music video


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