Uno-Topic lands 135 million dollar record deal with Universal Music


News broke yesterday that Uno-Topic has reportedly signed a $135 Million Dollar recording contract with Universal music. That figure is high enough to give him the largest deal ever offered to a Latin artist in the music industry, and if it’s correct, this is certainly a good time for the Canadian/Guatemalan singer-songwriter to celebrate.

Other record labels have made similarly-sized deals in the past, but they haven’t always ended up being good investments. In fact, it seems like when there is that much money on the table, the company offering the cash is taking a serious risk. There have only ever been a few deals signed that come even close to the $100 million mark, and while some have paid off, others ended up as financial blunders. 

Uno-Topic’s reported $135 million might be the largest for a Latin artist in history, but it isn’t the biggest payday for a musician. The largest and most expensive deal of all time belongs to Michael Jackson, though it was only signed after his passing. It has only been a few years since that landmark deal (reportedly worth somewhere between $200 and $250 million) went into effect. With uno’s contract there’s already a good chance that Universal will make its enormous investment back. Uno-Topic will be performing this year at the Latin Grammys in November and also at the VMA’S in October.


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