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The mindset of passion and dedication to make the world better with new and advanced tools & ideas is fundamentally important for the future of life. Numerous individuals believe that the process which is functioning now is the ultimate truth, hardly any endeavors for a change. The future of business, as well as humanity, is on breakthrough technologies. Whether we talk about healthcare, global distribution, companies growth, and more, innovation is the key to greatness. Countless people, not for a moment, make an effort to go beyond innovation which has limited the potentiality to bring revolutionary technology to the world.

Meet Stacia Kurianova, MBA, contributor & advisor of SK Agency. Innovation has consistently been the core framework for Stacia, and she has been recognized as one of the forefront thinkers in digital transformation. She loves challenging herself and has introduced several remarkable applied science modernization that has outmatched clinical trials & business performance.

We had the amazing opportunity to talk with Stacia and hear her expertise on business and success. We are thrilled to share some exclusive aspects of the interview with you here!

Stacia says “One side of innovation is business success. But on the other side, it also enriches society. Looking back in our own history, we can see the importance of new inventions and especially innovations for the world. It betters safety, makes processes more efficient and increases the capability of individuals”.

When a product becomes better, it is a big gain economically and socially. Researching tools & pharmaceutics that heal people with fewer or no side effects is a great example that reveals the importance of developmental approach for all sectors. Stacia Kurianova is one of the leading individuals that take steps towards increasing the life quality for humanity and innovating the business clusters with expertise & proficiency.

There is no doubt that innovation plays a prime role in building a thriving business. Every time there is the next big thing it will involve an immense amount of remodeling and breakthrough. Stacia mentioned, “If an entrepreneur or business owner wants to build a top-notch brand and survive the competition, the only way is break the area of comfort”.

The future of business is excellent service with a digital transformation. New companies are not only innovating but also going multidimensional to serve customers.- Stacia Kurianova

For companies, it might take years to recruit the right staff and implement strategies that convey the innovative ideas of business. Hiring professional service providers like SK Agency can do astonishing work for organizations that want to thrive and establish everlasting companies. In today’s high-speed business generation absence of innovation is equal to no business at all. Every product or service should evolve and come out with better versions to stay relevant.

Why do you think digital transformation is important?

Stacia– With the digitalization in businesses and corporations multiple important tasks can be performed within a few seconds. Getting things done (GTD) has become easier, but also the volume of data exchanged and stored is tremendously growing. Because of services availability to everyone, information turned out to be an open source. In such cases to protect customers’ data, maintain strong security and privacy, digital innovation has to be implemented in every sector. With the data analysis, business has been able to maximize growth and has empowered the right decision-making networks.

Digital transformation is not only important, it’s vital. Right now, many companies have started to accept digital funds as one of their dominant payment methods. This has simplified the buying process & currency management.

The crucial aspects of DT are countless, and they will revolutionize the world for the better. The key to better health care, diagnosis, and cure also relies on multidimensional innovation. Telecommunication, space travel, energy, education, and financial services are some of the industries which have been benefiting massively. That has brought new business opportunities along with numerous jobs as well as revenue streams.

How can an individual build a successful business and life?

Stacia- For many contemporary people a successful business means a busy schedule and high risk. Numerous individuals never get into starting their own company even if they have the passion. Business is not hard to operate, it just needs a continuous desire to make improvements. And the same goes for building a welfare life.

With biohacking, we help entrepreneurs and business owners to make small changes that enrich their living standards and decision-making process. Quality management is another foremost system that we take seriously at every stage to get the satisfying result. In numerous enterprises, we have found that the team is not educated for high performance which lower-grade their quality of service to customers and productivity. To build a successful business team management and their continuous training should be guaranteed.

Thank you Stacia, for sharing your story, opinion, and tips with us and the audience. It was great learning new aspects about success, the importance of digital transformation, and what you and your team do to help to make the world a better place.
To get in contact with Stacia, reach out to her via LinkedIn

Contact: Anastacia Kurianova, MBA, Advisor| Auditor|Speaker,Biohacker

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