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There was an unspoken pandemic running rampant within the pandemic. It’s something that many of us faced, but very few of us spoke about. This unseen plague was infidelity, broken homes, and strained relationships. It was during this unsettled and uncertain time that Ben Osagie met his future wife, Lakeyia. 

During this time, trust was at an all-time low in the dating scene. Apps like Tinder and Bumble were the only outlet for many single people seeking love. Bars and restaurants were either closed or take out only—it became impossible to meet someone. 

It was through this learning experience, through the difficulties of finding and holding onto true love during the pandemic, that they decided to create DateGoal. A place where everyone can find the kind of love that Ben and Lakeyia found.

Both Ben and Lakeyia had troubled, difficult pasts and were saddled with the scars of the traumas that came with them. However, despite the personal hurdles they faced, through deep conversation, they found a way to discuss the efforts that were needed to allow the relationship to blossom. 

They decided that together, they’d be each other’s healing ground. They practiced self-therapy as a way to talk through some of the challenges they faced in their personal, and romantic lives. They created a safe space where they could acknowledge, work through, and ultimately move forward from the traumas of the past. It was this level of spiritual, and personal intimacy that allowed Ben and Lakeyia to become not only partners, but best friends. After 10 months of dating, they got married—and have vowed to love and cherish one another for all time.


Unfortunately, traditional dating apps aren’t necessarily built to grow and sustain trust between would-be couples. Most of their business model is to keep you on the platform. If their users find true love, they’re no longer users—that’s bad for business. Apps like those are built to satisfy your physical needs and give your brain a hit or serotonin every time you swipe or get a match. 

Here’s where Ben and Lakeyia saw an opportunity. As an Industrial Specialized Professional (someone that looks at business models and identifies issues, and develops creative solutions), and a BSC holder in Business Management—the newlyweds began to deconstruct the traditional dating app model. Using their own lived and shared experiences as a guide, and with enough experience with traditional dating apps to know what does and doesn’t work, Ben and Lakeyia created DateGoal. 


DateGoal is set to launch in November 2021, is a revolutionary new take on an outdated dating app model. It has all the features users have come to expect from their dating apps (SWIPING, LISTS, ETC.), but also incorporates features that allow for real connections and conversations to be had. 

Check Out All the Features Here!

Here’s a brief rundown of the features of the DateGoal app:

  • Friend Lists
  • Group Chats
  • Users Verification
  • Incorporates all the traditional searching Features of Dating Apps (LIST, MAP, AND SWIPE) PLUS All Date Goal Extras

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Ben and Lakeyia, as mentioned above, are a happily married couple today. They met during the beginning of the pandemic and had to work through a lot of their past traumas to get to a trusting, loving place in their relationship. Without discussion, openness, and a lot of self-reflection—this simply wouldn’t have been possible, “Said Ben”.

How they overcame their wariness and doubt is not revolutionary, but it’s not necessarily typical. It required a level of openness and communication that is atypical of today’s dating scene. One by one, they deconstructed their pain points, their past hurts, the reasons for their hesitance. 

By doing this, they were able to become one another’s sturdy base of support. Communication is the cornerstone of any great relationship—and this was no different for Ben and Lakeyia. 

As you’ll read below, Ben and Lakeyia are just two regular people that were able to break free of the chains of their traumas—and did it together. With DateGoal, they want to share the love that they’ve found with the rest of the world. 


Ben Osagie is the CEO and founder of Osagie Group LLC—their mission is to bring ideas to life and light. The Osagie Group helps entrepreneurs, creatives, and inventors take their projects from the idea stage, through the development stage, and finally to production and launch. 

Ben has lived all over the world, from Malaysia, to Canada, to Nigeria. This has allowed him a unique insight into the mechanics of relationships and dating. His Nigerian upbringing has kept him inspired to always strive for more, while doing the right thing for himself, his loved ones, and his community. 

Ben is also the Co-Founder of the DateGoal App, and the Creative Director of DateGoal Corp. He’s also an author, singer, and songwriter.


Lakeyia is Ben’s wife and Co-Founder of the DateGoal app. Alongside her husband, she brought invaluable creative inputs to the table from a female perspective. She understands the needs of women when it comes to forming meaningful and lasting relationships. The foundational elements of trust, compassion, and communication MUST be laid from the outset of a relationship—something that Lakeyia noticed was missing from dating apps today.

Lakeyia is also an accomplished hair stylist and makeup artist, helping people look and feel their best. She, along with her husband Ben, enjoys travelling, dining, creating opportunities and helping other reach their happy place.


Launched in 2017, Osagie Group LLC is a place where unique and game-changing business ideas become a reality. Ideas are a dime a dozen, if you don’t know how to implement those ideas—they’ll always be ideas. The reality is, going from idea to product development to launch is a task best suited for professionals and teams that have done it with continued success. Osagie Group LLC has a track record of success that is measurable, and a list of clients that are innovators. 

Osagie Group is an innovation company that brings ideas to fruition. Ideas from IT, new products, unique service, real estate entities, and more. Osagie Group encourages creators to approach them with their concepts at an early stage, allowing for a creative relationship to flourish—leading to a successful launch of their business or product. 

From their website:

“Our mission is to make the world a more successful place by creating and implementing more business ideas and opportunities that are beneficial to everyone. We serve organizations and businesses all around the world.”



We help clients build and grow their ideas, establish it, and multiply it.


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