How Gravity Case used Influencer Marketing to Grow a Strong Social Media Presence


Creating a new product is exciting, it allows you to bring your vision to life in a great, empowering manner. However, no matter how great the product is, the truth is that if you don’t market your product and somehow introduce it to the world, no one will know about it! The Gravity Case is a prime example of how you can think outside the box and use non-conventional marketing strategies to get your product in front of the eyes of potential customers. Through the use of influencer marketing on platforms such as TikTok, Gravity Enterprises LLC has seen unprecedented success introducing its product to the market and has quickly built a strong social media presence.

The Marketing Strategy

The team at Gravity Enterprises LLC worked very hard to create an innovative phone case that can easily stick to any surface and showed off the incredible features on social media. The main focus was to bring in a lot of attention towards the features of the product and how easy to use it really is. TikTok played a major role when it came to offering exposure to the Gravity Case. 

More specifically, the plan was to send many phone cases for free to TikTok accounts that have a large following and a percentage of sales, in exchange for a video highlighting the features of the case to be posted on the creator’s account. The goal was to show off the product to as many people as possible, while collecting generic user generated content that aligns with the brand. The interesting thing about this promotion is that TikTok influencers are always looking for new content, so they were glad to collaborate in exchange for a free product, a great content idea, and forms of payment as well. It’s truly a win-win situation for both the company and influencers.

How The Plan Was Executed

The company has multiple employees of theirs reaching out to influencers via the TikTok Creator marketplace, email marketing, phone marketing, through Instagram, etc. They search for influencers that would connect to their industry, and the focus was to find the ones that would work great with their own brand. Then they were using the organic, user generated content in order to provide paid ads via TikTok’s own ad platform. It was a great approach because it showed the real-life use of this case, while also encouraging people to use it and giving it a try. The videos have boughten sizeable exposure to the brand, and the innovative product that they offer.

The company’s influencer marketing strategy exceeded expectation. Since they began, the company has been able to work with hundreds of influencers, acquire thousands of followers, gotten the hashtag #gravitycase on TikTok to many millions of views. This shows that harnessing the power of social media and working closely with influencers does work very well, can have loads of potential.

Why Prioritize TikTok?

The reason is simple, TikTok is mostly used by the younger generation, people who enjoy creating content on social media. This is the product’s exact target audience. Right off the bat, the company knew their target market and understood that most of them were using the TikTok platform, all they had to do was get in front of them. 

The Gravity Case campaign is a clear example of how you can use influencer marketing in order to introduce your product to a target audience, build a strong social media presence, and ultimately boost sales. There’s a reason why Gravity Case is popular right now, because it managed to not only push the boundaries and generate attention for the product in a unique way, but the product itself stands out in terms of innovation and the product it solves for people who create content on mobile devices. Innovation, combined with adequate influencer marketing and targeting the right audience made the Gravity Case a success, and there’s a lot to learn the success of the Gravity Case.


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