Unique FUE: Revolution In Hair Transplant

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Germans have achieved another milestone in the field of hair transplant by introducing another revolutionary technique.

In 2019 a new treatment technology was introduced in the sector of hair transplant because of the hard work and determination of German engineers. This extraordinary treatment method is known as Unique FUE ®.

Hair loss is a serious issue these day is rapidly grown. Studies has shown that almost every 1 out 3 men suffer from permanent hair loss. There are various causes of hair loss like genetics, environment changes and much more. However, top laboratories are trying to find a cure for this issue.

Currently, the best treatment for hair loss is hair transplant. At the beginning results of hair transplant were not successful. Therefore, more than 3 decades and billions of dollars have been spend to find a cure. With the introduction of Unique FUE® it seems like Germans have put of stop to researching for a treatment of hair loss.

Unique FUE® technique patent owned by Hermest Clinic

Unique FUE® Turned Out To Be The Best Hair Transplant Technique

The Unique FUE® technique has come into action conducting after successful experiments on 500 people from Switzerland, France, and Germany to measure this technique’s efficiency and efficacy. Moreover, in the majority of the cases, the experiment turned out to be very successful. Not only the results of this technique were beneficial but also surprising as well. In short, unique FUE® turned out to be the best hair transplant technique.

Hair transplant vs. Unique FUE®: Which one is the best hair transplant technique

People often get confused regarding whether they should select unique FUE® or traditional hair transplant. Here we have a few differences that will make it easier for everyone to choose.

Hair transplant

  • Hair transplant is a common hair loss solution in which strong hair roots are selected from the backside of the head.
  • Then these roots are transplanted to the affected area for better appearance and hair growth. It is because hair transplant can let affected scalp areas regrow natural and healthy hair.
  • At present, the hair transplant method has a success rate ranging between 40% to 80%.

Unique FUE

  • With unique FUE® success rate goes up to 99%. It is because with unique FUE® all the transplanted hair will regrow without any loss.
  • According to German engineers, unique FUE® can let you get the perfect results with any number of hair grafts, which can be 3000 or 2000 grafts.
  • The number of grafts per cm in unique FUE® are higher which can be easily transplanted with zero loss. Even more, achieving a dense result is also possible by increasing the number of grafts per cm.

Tips to get best results after Unique FUE®

Even though Unique FUE® has proven to show greater success rate but there are a few things you need to take care of.

Improve your lifestyle

Remember a bad lifestyle can have negative impact on overall treatment results. Various factors that can impact Unique FUE® results include smoking, drug abuse, and drinking.

Pay attention to diet

Additionally, you must take a good nutritional diet to ensure the healthier regrowth of transplanted hair. Your diet should include

  • Folic Acid
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Biotin
  • Vitamin D
  • Much more

If you will not take a proper diet, you may start losing your hair again.

Massage your scalp for blood flow

Even more, to activate nerves, regular massaging is critical. Also, you can use some supplements, for example, PRP or mesotherapy for effective hair growth.

Avoid stress

Stress and tension can also have a negative impact on your hair regrowth. That is why you need to relax for your hair to grow back quickly.

Final verdict

Overall, it’s important to skip bad habits and take a proper diet to achieve your desired result with this best hair transplant technique. Moreover, you must get a Unique FUE® method from a quality service provider.


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