Introducing “DJ Connect App” The New Application Built For The Artist by the Artist


DJ Connect is an application (available on both Android & IOS), that with its unique tagline “Get Connected”, bridges the gap between the music artist and the Disc Jockeys (DJs) in the industry. With its highly anticipated first quarter release, DJ Connect is the only music distribution platform built for musicians by musicians.
This App boldly separates itself from competitors by creating a tool in the evolving world of technology and music for artists and DJs to use seamlessly. DJ Connect was created for aspiring musicians who wish to be successful in the music industry. Before the internet, record labels used DJs they had access to as a way to grow their artist following. An independent artist on the other hand doesn’t have the same distribution budget or reach as one backed by a label- but the DJ Connect App now makes it possible for someone independent to build their own following.
Currently physical sales of music (CD, Record, Tape) have declined almost to the brink of extinction. The new revenue model for music artists has changed to music streaming and live show performances making up more than 75% of the money a typical music artist generate.
One of the most distinctive highlights of this App, is music artist have the complete control of how, and where their music is distributed- with a tool that allows feedback, video verification, and much more. The artist and DJs are granted the opportunity to interact using a virtual globe pin-pointing events nationwide where an artist music can potentially be played. This tool provides artists with a skeleton key to unlock the attention of listening audiences in any event, club, stadium, arena, or anywhere music is being played by a DJ worldwide.

There are about 1 million independent artist, and 100,000 DJs (internationally). The music business is expected to produce $23.1 billion in 2021, with $11.9 billion coming from streaming. The DJ Connect App currently has an eight-figure evaluation, and even with that- there is still room for growth!
We are ecstatic about the vast number of opportunities this company will create, so now is the time to “Get Connected”- with the DJ Connect App; launching January 2022 for beta.


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