Roland Ngole is Germany´s Go-To expert for Vision and Global Mindset


Roland Ngole is a German, award-winning International trilingual Speaker and Author. He is the vision and global mindset expert known for his entertaining and engaging Speeches. His mission is to help people and corporations to maximize their vision. The passionate and multi-talent vision & global mindset expert is a living proof of the fact that, it is possible to live and achieve your vision. 

He is often quoted of saying “The clearer the vision, the stronger the drive to execute in the direction of that vision”. How did Roland Ngole born in a village in Africa Cameroon rise to become the Go-To Expert for Vision and global Mindset in Germany? We will narrate the inspiring story of a Youngman who rose from humble beginnings to becoming a leading expert and on Vision and global mindset.

       Roland´s life is an embodiment of a life driven by a well-defined vision and a mindset, that transcends cultural limitations and geographical barriers. He is a living example of the fact, that armed with a clear vision, the probability for success are higher than living without a clear vision for your life.

Early Life

Roland faced a lot of challenges in his early life, one that is worth mentioning is the death of his dad. This happened shortly, before Roland graduated from high school. With the tragic loss of his dad, Roland lost his sense of aspiring for a better future. Given that his Dad was the sole bread weaner and the person who believed in Roland and supported him in all his endeavors. In the coming years, Roland lived life without any clear objective for the future. He was vision blind as he rightfully coils it.

Turning Point of His Life

A few years later, Roland was invited on a certain day to attend at event, where a speaker (Preacher) gave a talk. Roland was so inspired by that talk that he decided to attend the event the following week. What he held gave him hope for a better future. The hope that Roland, had lost after the death of his dad seemed to be coming alive. When he went to listen to the sermon at these services. After, a few weeks, Roland made the personal decision to accept Jesus, as his personal Lord and savior. Suddenly, a shift began to happen in the life of Roland. He suddenly, became convinced that all was not lost. He began to believe that life had much more to offer him. He realized that the chapters of his life weren’t yet over. He came to the realization that his manufacturer and creator GOD had a plan and a purpose for his life.

From that day on, Roland embarked on a journey of renewing his mind. He voraciously read the bible, listened to sermons, bought, and devoured diverse personal development and business books.

From there on Roland developed a vision to come further his study in Germany. That vision sustained him through the rigorous process of learning the German language in his country of origin Cameroon till Level B1. There after Roland got an admission letter for studies in Germany, followed by a student visa.

Roland Ngole entered Germany as a student armed with nothing other than a vision. That vision inspired, motivated, and drove him to achieve outstanding academic success. He obtained a bachelor´s degree in International Business administration and a master´s degree in Supply chain management. His mission and desired to help people achieve their vision and maximize their lives was evident and he went on to mentored 1000s of international students and young professionals to academic and career success in Germany.

While he was studying his bachelor´s degree in international business administration at University of applied science Fulda, there was a course title leadership and motivation competence. The lecturer of this module unexpectedly requested during a lecture that a student should volunteer to do an impromptus Pecha Kucha speech. Roland was the first and only one to volunteer to do the impromptus speech (Roland was asked to choose a random PowerPoint presentation from the lectures database, and he had no previous idea of the topic and content of the presentation). Roland held an amazing presentation and he received a standing ovation from the entire class. This was just the beginning and confirmation of Roland´s future mission to inspire and motivate people to achieve their visions and maximize their life.

In May 2019 Roland had the privilege to give an impactful keynote speech at Sofitel hotel in London at the Eric Thomas in London conference. The 1600 people in attendance were moved and gave him a warm run of applause. Ever since, Roland has continued to inspire and impact people to life up to their highest vision.

The Secret Behind His Success

Roland´s faith and trust in GOD has been instrumental in all, what he has accomplished up till now. Life is not only natural, there is a spiritual dimension to life. Those, who understand this fact and connect with GOD. Will be able to tap into their highest potential and achieve their greatness on earth. 

Roland has always sacrificed, what is he for what he wants to become. For the past 14 Years, He has set aside a budget for buying personal development, business, and Christian books which he voracious reads. He believes that his mind is the most important asset he has, and he diligently invests into it.

Birds of a feather flock together. Roland chooses his friends wisely and surrounds himself mostly with people who believe in his future. Environment is stronger than will power, thus, whatever you want to achieve in life hang around like minded people so you can support each other. As it is often said “Iron sharpened iron”.

Roland says, he has never allowed ego to stand on his way to succeed. People should be humble and learn what they don’t know from others who have already attained the results they are aspiring for. If you let your ego stop you from learning from others. You will become obsolete in the course of time.

Roland believes that time is the most valuable resources available to everyone. Thus, whatever, you want to achieve in life, focus and invest your time in the pursuit of your vision and aspiration. Work on your mindset constantly. Because, you cannot achieve anything that your mind has not yet conceived. When you mind conceives an objective, you must keep working on your mind, so that your faith and believe in your aspired objective should not faint but, remain strong until your objective is attained.

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