US 5 Center: Leading soccer stars to Los Angeles


Ever heard of Paul Pogba, Samir Nasri, and Adil Rami? These famous soccer stars are just some of a few from extensive lists that have granted their presence in Yacine Bouharkat’s Urban Soccer 5 Center. Claimed to be Norwalk’s Best Business of 2016, incredible entrepreneurship drove Yacine Bouharkat forwards to make his dream of sharing sports with increasing numbers of people a living reality.

The 41-year-old Frenchman succeeded in transferring the stars of soccer to the suburbs of Los Angeles, solidifying his visions for his own success after working 11 years for the biggest energy company in France. Ambition, hard work, and pure dedication spurred this co-founder of Urban Soccer 5 on to create a 5-a-side soccer center in North America. Yacine certainly seized the opportunity to take soccer to the next level in the USA as he started to notice this sport becoming increasingly popular. This was after the Frenchman had started to travel the US in 2002, seeing soccer crop up in advertisements as well as seeing people playing it in local parks.

Indeed, from working hard to create those initial important connections and foundations of his business plan to actually making the center a physical building, this entrepreneur certainly thought of everything to make this project an instant success. Including 10 5-a-side soccer pitches, a boxing gym, a jiu-jitsu gym, and a Cross-Fit space, this center encourages people of all kinds to engage with activities that will enhance their physical and mental wellbeing. Whilst there is something to entertain the whole family in this Norwalk center, the presence of heavyweight world champion, Andy Ruiz, and famous Rudi Garcia amongst the soccer stars need to be given a mention. The obvious attraction that this center offers has been shared by an array of celebrities and the public to help them strive forwards in their sporting abilities.

With something to help everyone in the family put their limits to the test or just generally have fun, Yacine Bouharkat has certainly struck gold in achieving the dream of spreading soccer far across the world. As an inspirational businessman, Yacine has inspired generations to hit their own goals, whether this is in sport, fitness levels, or entrepreneurship. Indeed, the Urban Soccer 5 Center continues to grow, with the most recent construction being the epic 2-story gym which emerged in 2020, encouraging more and more people to start challenging themselves physically.

The 2 million euros injected into this incredible project can certainly be displayed with the quality facilities, top-notch equipment, and great highway location. It’s no wonder that so many of the latest soccer stars have been attracted to start doing what they love in this little LA suburb. Furthermore, the Parisian has ambitious plans to open increasing numbers of centers across the US to expand his success and share a love of sports even more widely. With this in mind, everyone should be on the lookout for the next grand plan that Yacine Bouharkat strives to assemble.

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