Who is Abdelhamid Yousef?


Abdelhamid Yousef Is a rising superstar in the world of vaping (Vape industry Icon)
The most respected and appealing trait about this young man is his vast network of professional connections and partnerships in an out of the industry.

*Taking it back to the beginning briefly, Where did it all begin for Mr. Yousef ? (Idea for HQD and growing it internationally)

Birth of a new era?

-How did it all start? 

After Hamid graduated from his master’s program in finance from Florida International University, he was left wondering what was next on his path. 

He began thinking about different business ideas in different industries that would allow him to make a name for himself as well as allow him to find a path in which he may 
professional bloom and spread his wings as a leader in industry.

-How did he get into this industry and develop his idea?

After he graduated, he realized that the new generation of millennials were looking for a new, exciting, and less time-consuming ways to smoke.
He realized that being a smoker, there wasn’t many alternatives to the downsides (smelling bad, bad breath, having to take up time to do so, etc.)
He began thinking of a new disposable device idea for smoking and leisure, leading to the birth of “Rubii Vapes”.

Knowing his newly found idea is a force to reckoned with, he begins to research the market and possible manufactures for his new product that will revolutionize the vaping industry.

After completing research and development and investing money into the early stages of the “Rubii Vape”, Mr. Yousef was then faced with his first obstacle.

Shortly after investing all his time, money & efforts into the prototypes and when the first manufactured devices first hit the market, so did the betrayal and disappointment from people close to the idea who thought they could do it better. In attempt to slander and defame Mr. Yousefs newly established business, his finances and efforts were almost bought to a halt after discourtesies among his confidants left him in a deep hole both financially and emotionally.

Overcoming the Obstacles:

After almost losing it all, he didn’t give up. He formulated a new plan to re do it all over but way better and with not as many people involved this time around. after taking out several large loans and almost losing his livelihood, he came up with a new device design, manufacturing plan, and put it all into action seamlessly. 
With goals on making HQD the largest disposable vape company in the world, he kept his sights and goals very high in his mind, so much so, that it all manifested for him in what would seem to be an overnight success.


to end this modern-day success story, Mr. Yousef is now recognized as one of the leading members in the vaping community with his company HQD Selling millions of devices monthly to happy customers via online ordering (www.hqdtechusa.com) or at one of many retailers and distributors worldwide.


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