Forbes International Budding Mogul Spotlight:  Tech Savvy Singer/Songwriter Inas X


True talent can’t be purchased or manufactured because it comes from above.  The Brooklyn bred Middle Eastern powerhouse Inas X elegantly unites the hard-hitting street vibes of Hip Hop with the innovative sounds of today’s pop music. Music artists are in the unique position to influence others with their mere words alone. Now that’s power! Inas X has chosen to use his words to build rather than to destroy.  Standing out in an ever-changing music industry is no easy task. But Inas X has mapped out a recipe for success.

In music, if everyone is going in one direction, sometimes it’s wise to go in the opposite direction or attempt to create a whole new path. And that’s exactly what Inas X is doing. Combining an immense amount of raw talent and amazing showmanship, she is known for noteworthy performances and cinematic music videos. Her concerts are full of energy and excitement. Be prepared to for an extravaganza! “I like to get the crowd involved. They see that I’m having fun on stage and that energy permeates throughout the crowd,” states Inas X. 

Inas X is the embodiment of true music. She breathes life into tracks with a clever delivery and an equally clever mind-state.  Moreover, she has a work ethic that is unmatched, and she has built a loyal fan base worldwide. Inas X has the business acumen of Rihanna and the international appeal of Doja Cat. Inas X is a visionary, and she is currently using cutting edge technology to advance her music career and build her brand. Her new app,, is a subscription-based app that focuses on all exclusive content and provides first looks at her new music, new visuals, and new announcements!


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