The Net Worth of KG Prince 


How much is KG Prince’s net worth? KG Prince is a 21 year old Independent artist from Denver Colorado . He started making music around 2016 but decided to take it seriously in 2018. KG Prince has an estimated Net Worth of 10 to about 50 thousand USD. KG is best known for his song “Why’d You Leave Me” released in 2018 with 970 plus thousand streams (2022) .

He has currently gained around 3.3 million all time streams on Spotify that’s consistently grows everyday . His discography consist of a wide mass variety of different genres of music by releasing over 150 songs .

KG first got a taste of success with a collaboration he did with artist known as Joey Trap in 2017 titled “Squidwards Nose” ending in 35 million plus streams on Spotify and Apple Music alone, and around 10 million streams across YouTube and Apple Music, before the song was unfortunately taken down by the creators of sponge bob. . In the past year (2021) KG Prince has gained around 1.4m million streams on Spotify gaining 70k hours of listening time reaching 147 countries around the globe. KG Prince is an independent artist as well definitely and is believed to be a suggested artist to keep your eye on in 2022 and years to come .


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