Helping Americans and businesses get on the right Post-Pandemic Route


As a finance professional, I help individuals and small businesses create and use a plan to not only recover from the pandemic and its negative consequences, but also help gain competitive advantage and thrive in our new environment. Many crown corporations gained from COVID-19, but small firms have suffered.

The post-pandemic economy isn’t the same as the economy we knew before COVID-19, and it’s important to understand how to navigate it. I help individuals learn to make smart decisions for themselves despite what’s going on in the world and small businesses to learn how to take steps ahead of the competition even when things seem tough.

It’s my goal to help individuals and small business owners to create a plan for action and learn how to follow through with it. I work with my clients to help them evaluate how the plan is going, and to learn how to adapt when things aren’t going as planned.

My Experience and Education

I have a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s degree in finance. I put immense focus on providing individuals and businesses with advice and guidance to improve what feels like an impossible financial situation. I learned how to create financial plans that not only work to get people back on solid ground, but that help individuals grow their career or sales and businesses grow immensely. 

My programs focus on advising and teaching business owners and business professionals how to avoid the largest investment mistakes, how to think in an unstable financial market, how to preserve their wealth, and most importantly, how to use their finances the ‘smart’ way to ensure efficient and cost-effective decisions. 

Other Services I Offer

In addition to my small business and individual professional guidance, I offer financial counseling for immigrants and new citizens who don’t have a grasp on how finances work and how to ensure they make the right decisions. 

I teach Americans and immigrants in South Florida and nationwide remotely on how to invest carefully, avoiding the ‘bad’ investments and learning to pick value investments that will grow their wealth and make their money work for them. 

I also help individuals learn how to preserve their wealth, overcome the damage the pandemic caused, and how to overcome the income inequality present in our economy between the rich and poor.

Working with me, anyone can learn the value of buying value stocks, planning for retirement, and for emergencies. Individuals learn how to become self-sufficient and even successful. We don’t operate on speculation, but on the knowledge and facts at our fingertips. I teach everyone they don’t need to be a financial professional to understand the data provided to make smart financial decisions.

It’s my goal to guide America back to its pre-pandemic state. The economy is entirely different today but that doesn’t mean anyone needs to fall victim to it. Together, we can rise up and be successful again. COVID will be around for a long time, so we need to learn to navigate the ups and downs and become successful financially so we can support one another. 

Kindest Regards,

Nick Gor, President,


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