Misty Blanco Theatrical Blaquanese Rockstar creator of Melodic Bop During Black History Month 2022


Forbes acknowledges and keeps a close eye on new Artist/Executive Misty Blanco CEO of The Misty TV Corporation. who has created and began a new genre of music called, “Melodic Bop”, which will be introduced to the world in Black History Month on February 6th, 2022 with her new hit single called “Music Box”, from her highly anticipated album “Interviews With A Goat”. Misty Blanco announced she wasn’t a rapper anymore yet a theatrical artist with a new frequency of music; giving musical audiences all over a choice in music again; during a time when all music has the same identity and sound. Misty Blanco’s new hit single “Music Box”, is currently playing on 350 FM Billboard charting radio stations across Oceania, Asia, Canada, Africa, USA & Europe). Misty Blanco says “Melodic Bop” is theatrical music, bebop jazz, classic rock & pop combined together with her melodically pronouncing her lyrics. Misty Blanco body of work has been said to be the biggest awaited “NFT” collectibles for the market. Misty Blanco’s NFT’s body of work predicted to be the rarest and most valuable collectible to have once “Melodic Bop”, premiers globally on all platforms February 6th, 2022.

Misty Blanco began The Misty TV Firm Corporation in 2018 in the Financial District in NY, NY she quickly makes her presence known by making The Misty TV Firm Corporation a asset to Wall St, The Misty TV becomes a 4 million dollar branding and management firm for celebrity artist and athletes to endorsing politicians and film makers within 6 months she was given the name “Princess of Wall St.” Misty Blanco’s brand is predicted to be the next multi billion dollar brand to touch the market with continuous growth. Misty Blanco’s reality show The Blaque Okane Rockfest Tour is currently airing on her television channel streaming on Roku & all Smart devices called “Misty TV”, which has been downloaded in over 365,000,000 homes in over 17 countries. Misty Blanco has been noticed and acknowledged by former “President Donald Trump”, for her role in bringing awareness to the communities on voting instead of who to vote for by using her platform “The Greatest Show On Earth”. One of Misty Blanco business partners David Hewlett states at the Misty TV Firm Corporation the key to success is what Misty Blanco lives by “Don’t Watch Them Watch Us”. And We Are Here At Forbes!
Misty Blanco IG: @mysterious_mistyblanco

The Misty TV Firm Corporation
(310) 661-8247
Misty Blanco Fan Club
99 Wall St.
NY NY 10005


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