Post California Woosley Wildfires: GNK’s community-friendly ADU Solutions


Recuperating after a fire can be a difficult process both psychologically and financially. And for many of the residents in Woosley, this has remained a struggle to date. Even though the Woosley fire took place in the early parts of 2019, a lot of people are still finding it difficult to get their homes and lives back as they used to be.

Also what makes this specific outbreak further detrimental is that it occurred not long before the spread of COVID. Hence, it became even more difficult for many people to rebuild and figure out how to fix the damages in their houses. However, there has been some progress made in the rebuilding of the area over the years. 

But before we delve into the progress that has been made thanks to multiple reconstruction services, here’s a breakdown of how the Woolsey wildfire greatly affected lives and properties.

The Woosley Wildfires

The Woosley wildfire broke at the same time the Camp fire started. While the Woosley fire started in Ventura County located in Southern California, the Camp fire started in Northern California. The Woosley fire spread through multiple parts of Los Angeles County and became the most destructive fire recorded in the county’s history.

This wildfire endangered various areas including Calabasas, Malibu, and other areas with a median home value of at least $1.1 million. It destroyed about 100,000 acres of property, 1,600 homes and structures, and sadly ended the life of three people. 

To get an idea of just how devastating this fire outbreak was, it was reported that the county spent at least $100 million on infrastructure repairs and emergency response. However, this amount did not cater to every resident in the area, and as such left many people stranded. Fortunately, a significant amount of progress has been made following the incident thanks to different reconstruction companies such as GNK Construction.

GNK Construction & ADU Solutions

GNK Construction is a construction company dedicated to rebuilding structures and the overall community. Known for creating amazing housing designs and offering these services with only experienced personnel, they have contributed immensely to the remodeling of many homes after the Woosley Fire.

One of their many projects that have helped in rebuilding the different neighborhoods in the area affected is the community-friendly ADU solutions. The ADU solutions were created by GNK construction to bring hope to the community by helping residents who have lost their homes rebuild better options. Many of the people living in areas that were affected had lost everything and were mostly left with debris after the fire.

Hence, they were mostly stranded and had to move out of the vicinity regardless because it wasn’t safe to stay within the premises. Numerous people couldn’t figure out the next line of action after they lost their property. Thankfully, the ADU solutions helped them get back to their feet in a professional and effective process. With some of the best in the business working on designing and reconstructing different types of houses, many residents who were affected were able to get their homes again.

Below are a few ways GNK construction worked with different residents using the ADU solutions;

  • Removal of Debris

One of the major side effects as a result of a fire is the remainder of debris from burnt items. This could be from the car or furniture that doesn’t get destroyed completely. This residue is also covered in soot and dust which is very detrimental to the health of residents. So the first step before remodeling a home would be to get rid of debris, dust, and other toxic contaminants.

Once they have cleared the site, the building of the new home can begin.

  • Working with Client’s Visions

The next way GNK construction made the process of rebuilding homes more effective was by working with what the client wanted. Reconstructing homes meant working with so many different people and it is always important to consider their needs. So, every home that was remodeled was done after approval from the owners.

  • Working with the Right Expertise and Premium Tools 

The goal for GNK construction while working on homes ravaged by fire was to give the victims a place they could call home again. And although there are so many modern designs that could be recommended by expert architects, it’s important for the home to feel like theirs.

All of the remodeled homes by GNK construction have been designed and built according to the specifics of the owners. With premium material and experts in different processes, every client has been left happy and satisfied with their new home.

The Woosley fire destroyed so many properties in the areas affected leaving many residents stranded. However, thanks to ADU solutions by GNK construction many families have been able to get their homes and lives back.   


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