Staje Gives True Meaning To Music In Anticipated Release Up


Photographed by Natalie Costello

Today I had to the pleasure of doing something I havent in about 10 years in my career.

It was brought to my attention by a friend of mines, Jessy you know who you are.
He told me that there was this unreleased song he wanted me to take a listen to.
I listen to new music everyday so it was more than a pleasure for me to do so.
After a few seconds in I realized that this track was something special.
The melody contrast with the beat is simply insane! It brought me back to the late 80s early 90s at the highlight of r&b and pop climax.
Once I got through the entire single I reached back out to my friend Jessy and demanded more information on the artist who just blew me away.
Given the chance to speak over the phone with him, I realized not only is the kid talented but super well mannored and collective.
We talked about sports and music and all other things in between.

I asked him what inspired this song and he told me that there was this fan of his that heard him freestyling the song on Instagram live
and reached out to him to tell him to actually write and record the song. To think this is where the inspiration came from is just a story
in itself. He did not know the stranger but took it upon himself to challenge his style and play with his instrument.
The song title is “UP” by StaJe and I have to say, I really can not wait for this one to be released. Its just different!

Photographed by Natalie Costello

Before we got off the phone he gave me a little bit of details on the music video and based off what he described to me I will definitely
be waiting for this one to release as well. Spoiler alert, if you love story-telling in music videos than this is the one for you.
I just can not get the lyrics from out of my head. My confidence falls deep with UP. I am confident enough in the release to tell you that you will not only love it but you will hold more artist accountable to challenge themselves in evolving in not only there sound, but style of music as well.

We at Forbes mostly discuss business and technology but I could not go today without mentioning this incredible soudtrack releasing next month.
The anticipated release date is August 15. Mark this down in your calenders! Trust me, you do not want to miss this one!

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